hammer Around your Home

Hang pictures, mirrors, artwork, clocks.
Hang Flat screen TVís.
Fit shelves.
Fit curtain tracks and poles.
Fit roller/venetian blinds.
Assemble flat pack furniture.
Fit handrail to your staircase. Grab rails fitted wherever you need them, inside and out.
Change carpet door bars or fit wide bars to stop carpet lifting.
Adjust sticking doors.
Hang new internal doors.
Fit door handles and locks.
Replace broken handles on double glazed windows.
Fit exterior draft excluder to wooden front doors.
Fit catches, latches and locks.
Install stair gates.
Fit cat flaps
Small general repairs.

bath In the Bathroom

Re-silicone around bath/basin/shower.
Fit bathroom accessories eg towel rail, cabinets toilet roll holder etc.
Fit/tighten toilet seats.
Fit shower curtains/screens.
Re-grout, repair small areas of tiles.
Fit disability aids.

microwave In the Kitchen

Fit accessories e.g. kitchen roll holder, saucepan rack, knife holder.
Hang cupboards.
Adjust/replace cabinet hinges.
Adjust shelves.
Re-silicone around work tops.
Change fridge/freezer door opening side.

washing machine Plumbing

Change taps, bathroom and kitchen.
Fit an outside tap.
Plumb in washing machine/dishwasher.
Clean out under sink/basin U bends.
Clear an internal sink or basin blockage.
Replace toilet cistern inlet valves and flush syphon.

paintbrush Decorating

Small rooms painted - kitchen, bathroom, small bedrooms etc.
Ceilings lined with lining paper and painted. Ceilings or walls only painted if required.
Problem areas e.g. water stains and nicotine yellowing rectified.
Wallpaper stripping.
Exterior painting during summer months.
house Exterior

Fit a new garden gate.
Replace loose fence posts.
Fit concrete fence spur to support a leaning post.
Replace fence panels (that you have delivered).
Fit exterior locks and bolts etc.
Paint shed preservative.
Replace shed felt roof covering.
Fit hanging basket brackets.

plug Electrical

Fit new light fittings.
Change light switches, plugs and plug sockets.
Replace bulbs, halogen, led and fluorescent tube etc.
Replace exterior light fittings and security lights.
Front door bells fitted.
Fit basic telephone extension kit.

 padlock Security

Front door spy hole viewer and chain.
Window locks.
Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

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